Prosperity Menu

S$62.88/Pax (S$67.28/Pax inclusive of GST)
Min 25 Pax

Note: Delivery time may vary 30 minutes before or after the actual timing. Transportation charge of $80.00 ($85.60 inclusive of GST) is applicable on 8 to 19 February 2019.

Spring Harvest

  • 紫御昌盛魚生
    Purple Sage Prosperity Yu Sheng
  • 如意凉拌四喜
    Marinated Four Fortune

Imperial Broth

  • 鱼鳔蟹肉羹
    Fish Maw & Crab Meat Broth

Bountiful Delight

  • 芋头栗子焖鸡
    Chicken with Taro & Chestnut
  • 富贵当归烤鸭
    Roasted Duck with Herbal Tang Gui Sauce
  • 年年庆有鱼
    Locally Farmed Barramundi with Sour Bean Sauce
  • 带子拌四喜
    Scallop with Broccoli, Celery, Gingko Nut and Dried Black Moss
  • 麻辣一品锅
    Assorted Vegetable in Mala Hotpot Style
  • 吉祥海鲜宝
    Deep Fried Prawn with Plum Sauce
  • 招财又进宝
    Deep Fried Chicken Dumpling
  • 好市八宝荷叶饭
    Eight Treasure Fried Rice
  • 开运吉祥面
    Wok Fried Udon with Seafood and Trio Pepper

Longevity Delicacy

  • 香脆花生糕
    Crispy Peanut Cake
  • 甜甜蜜蜜
    Mango Mousse with Fresh Berries
  • 银耳雪梨糖水
    Chilled Pear & Fungus Soup

Toast of Success

  • 金橙吉祥
    Festive Orange