Petite Takeaway Menu C

S$178/Pack (S$190.46 inclusive of GST)
Good for 4-5 Pax

Additional Pax at $36/pax.


  • Mesclun Green Salad with Condiments and House Dressing (V)
  • Beetroot Quinoa Salad with Locally Farmed Kale, Dried Fruit and Walnut (V)
  • Seafood YouTiao (Served with Citrus Mayonnaise)

Modern Asian

  • Pacific Prawn and Egg Tofu in ‘Chili Crab’ Sauce
  • Mala Vegetable with Asian Green, Lotus Root and Mushroom (V)

Western Twist

  • Slow Roasted Rosemary Cajun Chicken with BBQ Glaze
  • Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Miso Butter
  • 16 Hours Braised Beef Bourguignon with Aromatic Vegetable


      • Chocolate Eclair
      • Pineapple Mousse Cake